Agencia Americana de Servicios y Traducciones Migratorias

Fill out immigration documents

We can fill out ALL types of immigration documents including

Deferred Action
We can transmit different types of visas:

      B-1     Visa Business Visitors
      B-2     Visitors for Pleasure
      F-1     Student Visa
      E        Treaty Traders
      E-1     Treaty Traders  Aliens
      L-1     Intra Company Traferre
      H-1B     Professionals
      H-2B     Temporally Skilled or Unskilled Workers
      H-3     Visa Training
      J-1     Exchange Visitors Visa
      P-O     Entretainer
      V-1     Approved for Family Visa Petition     (Green card)
      K-1     Fiancée or approved for Family Visa Petition (USC)