Bilingual American Multiservice Agency

About Us

BAMSA Global Inc. is a Houston based minority and US Veteran owned company that was founded in 1986 by Cesar Omar Arzayus, a US Airforce Vietnam veteran who after Vietnam duty served as an Air Force liason to several Latin American Countries.
BAMSA Global’s mission is to meet the expectations and needs of our clients. We provide all types of services including fingerprints, passport photos, and notary, making Bamsa Global a one stop for all your necessities. We are also registered to do business with the Federal Government, we are minority owned, veteran owned, and have done business in a HB zone.
We would very much appreciate an opportunity to provide you our services and better serve you.

Joseph R. Soto
Inmigration - Family Law - Litigation
Tel. 251-447-5071

Carlos A. Ryerson
Inmigration - Family Law - Litigation
Tel. 251-447-5071

Richard W, Learn
US Immigration Consultant
Retired Navy and Immigration Officer

Cesar O. Arzayús Sr.
International Public Relations
International Immigration Consultant
USA, Latin America and Europe with more than thirty years of experience